Maybe I should explain why I started this blog in the first place.

      Well, it all started when I found out I was adopted.

I overheard my mum saying something to my dad about my biological mother and from the sounds of it she was a canine as well.

       My world collapsed.

       I mean , don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that I’m a dog and my parents are humans. But I always assumed that nature works in mysterious ways and the way I saw it was that every other generation there’s a dog litter and then human litter and then dog litter again etc. All my mates are dogs and all their parents are human so I figured that was the deal and being a canine skips a generation, like baldness or being ginger.

      Well now I know better, but I promised myself not to disrupt the other dogs’ lives with these revelations and I try to keep my mouth shut, which is not easy when you are as social as I am!

      Turns out that my real mum actually lives in the same town, but doesn’t wanna see me:( After watching a few TV movies on the subject of adoption, I finally got myself to forgive her. She was probably very young when she had me, possibly wanted to finish high school and she had to make the hardest choice in her life and let me go. That’s how I see it anyway.

        I also googled my biological dad. Turns out he’s some sort of a big shot. A labrador celebrity (a celabrity ?) . Anyway he won some dog shows and stuff. Well, he probably thought he was too cool for us. So be it! Who needs him anyway! I love the dad I know, the one who actually took care of me ever since I remember. Who cares if he is an inferior species.

         Either way, here I am starting this blog, hoping I get more famous than my biological father. Sort of like Luke Skywalker became more powerful than Darth Vader, only there will be no cutting anyone’s paws off in the process.

You guys can help me by commenting and engaging into conversations under my relevant posts, if you agree or disagree with what I say. Feel free to participate whether you’re a fellow dog or a human.





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6 thoughts on “Celabrity”

  1. Humans, who needs em, apart from food that is but hey I suppose you are your parents best friend and all you require is a good walk a day and a meal thrown in.

    I’ve just sneaked onto my parents computer to bark away and say hi.

    Sounds like you’re gonna be more famous than your real dad who’s not interested in you anymore, we’ll see once exposure gets to your website, he’ll come running back with your mum following on behind barking away.

    The problem with humans is they’re never happy, always in a rush running around you complaining until weekends come around then they find a bit of time for you.

    Do you get a good walk a day like I do?
    From a fellow canine,
    Woof look with your website,

    1. Hey there Scamp.
      Im have it pretty much the same here pal – only get proper quality running time over weekend most of the time, but I do get walked regularly twice a day.
      What breed are you if I may ask?

      1. Hi Shaun,
        I’ve just had woofed my tasty meal down and saw you respond. Parents have just nipped out so I’ve sneaked online to reply.
        I’m a border collie, bored most of the day apart from walkies so living up to my name.
        Anyways, keep up the limelight and keep barking,

        1. no worries Scamp – it was great to meet you – stay tuned! We need to stick together and fight for our Internet
          time. You gotta fight for your right to party like The Beastie Dogs say!

  2. Dear Shaun,

    This is Tiger speaking. I am a ginger-coloured cat of Steven and his wife Theresa (I took over Steven’s PC by sitting in front of him, to write this to you).

    I have been in a similar situation as yourself. But instead of letting my world collapse on me, I figured a way to live with the newly acquired human owners: I could turn these new humans into my slaves.

    I advice you to do the same! Humans are inferior beings that are easy to manipulate.

    When you want to make them feel sorry for you, you just have to put up some puppy-eyes. I do so too. I know this, because I used to live with a dog. If humans say that dogs and cats cannot live together, than they are wrong! I love cuddling up to warm fuzzy hairy dogs like you.

    Do you want to be my friend?

    Best Purrs,


    1. Here’s something I thought I’d never say to a cat – Yeah, I’ll be your friend:)
      Not that I mind cats at all – it’s just I’ve never really met any and we live in this stereotype where dogs and cats are enemies.. well.. I’m sure you’ve had to deal with it before too.
      But we live in modern Times and we’re the future of the Internet so let’s break the stereotypes in public! YEAH
      Btw I like Tiger – good name

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