Hi my name is Shaun and ,as you probably noticed from the picture, I’m basically a dog.

      A yellow labrador to be exact (the best dog breed ever imo!)

      You know how you always see people start those doggy blogs and they turn out to be actually run and written by humans? I always open the website hoping to meet my fellow mates and then ..surprise, surprise – it’s usually just humans blogging and talking about their dogs, referring to them in a third person!    

       So I decided to create a blog that is actually written by me, a 100 % dog as you can clearly see (I would gladly post even more detailed proof of me being a dog, but I don’t want to get banned by google). And any humans will only appear here in a third person as and when described by me!

      I will start with describing myself to you guys.

Pretty Fly For a White Guy

       I’m so light coloured people always say to my parents that I’m the whitest labrador they have ever seen. (This is because my mum looked for the lightest puppy in town for a long time before she found me – she says it’s because the lighter the labrador the more you can see their labulous features, but my dad thinks it is more to do with her wanting a dog that has the same hair colour as hers)

Mr Muscle

      They also say I’m quite muscular for a labrador (well what can I say, I work out to impress the bitches), but contrary to what people sometimes suggest I AM most certainly NOT crossed with a staffy or a rottweiler. I’m a full lab, I’m just powerful, people! Deal with it!

The glasses, the bitches and the appearances.

       Maybe I should explain the main photo first. Why am I wearing glasses? That’s a very good question since I have a perfect eyesight (I can spot a cat from miles away) Well, the answer is simple – to impress the bitches!

        Everything I recently do is to impress the bitches. I am turning 17 months this February and I am buzzing with hormones. I am ready to rock! But I’ll get to that subject later.

        Glasses aren’t even mine btw. They are my mum’s but she is too vain to wear them in public so she lets me have them sometimes. I thought I’d look cool and sophisticated so I asked her to take a photo. What do you guys think? Can I pull off the intelectual look or should I stick to a sexy stud image?

        What else can I say about myself ? I’m usually cuddly, but I can be one sarcastic dog when provoked. You’ll probably see that for yourselves soon enough.

Hope that explains it.

You’ll be hearing more from me!

Shaun out!






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4 thoughts on “Introdogtion”

  1. Nice to meet you Shaun! I am an animal too, a human animal. Your website is lovely and very original and I am so glad that dogs can speak, as I always knew they could. I am a bitch -an older bitch- and you could impress me with your glasses! So a young dog bitch could be impressed by you looks, I presume. I wish you lots of success, with your website too 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much!
      Glad the glasses work – only the time can tell if the dog bitches will agree with your assessment:)
      WAs nice to meet you and do spread the word about dog’s ability to speak:)

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