Pros and Cons of Labradors

So you are a human and you want to get a labrador and start one of the most happy and rewarding journeys of your life.

I can only be happy for you as we are the best creatures that ever walked the Earth, but I think there are few things you should know about our breed before you decide to make that important (and awesome!) decision


So make sure you know that:

1) We, labs, almost never get tired

That means that we’re hyper when we don’t get our walkies and exercise and we need a lot of it so no matter whether it’s a raging storm outside or a peaceful day, you will still have to take your doggy out and make sure they get a run and a walk each day. We’re by no means a lazy breed and we cannot have lazy owners either. Unless they can afford a dogwalker.


2) Your house will never look the same (or even smell the same sometimes)

We shed hair like there’s no tomorrow for a good part of the year, we leave toys everywhere and most people claim they can smell a dog in the house of a dog owner. Personally I think “How rude!”, but they may have a point there since my parents always light all them perfumed candles to make the house smell like vanilla or something (why not use a rawhide or liver fragrance!!) Sometimes your house will look like it went through a tornado, especially if you decide to trust a lab alone in the house, like my parents did HERE


3) We always look hungry (even when we’re not)

hungry dog

We will always try to guilt you into giving us more food and it’s important to stay strong, because overfeeding a labrador can lead to obesity and as much as some people find chubby dogs cute, it is really not good for their health. It can lead to premature death, some illnesses and bad conditions – in labs’ case, the most common problem that can come out of being overweight is hip dysplasia. As much as I love to eat, my parents do watch my line and not just for my good looks.


4) You will have to learn to pick my poo up from the streets.

no poo

Not the most glamorous aspect of having a dog, but it has to be done. You will have your pockets full of empty dog bags just in case you need one and you’ll learn not to even notice it after awhile. Well.. as long as the bag in your pocket is an empty one, I say it’s alright!


5) You can’t just spontaneously take off not worrying about a thing.

Because we are a thing! A lovely, but needy thing that requires food and walk twice a day, a wee and poo break three/four times a day and general human companionship to be happy. So unless you have a large family, neighbours willing to help or can afford the kennel fees, you can’t just go on holiday without thinking in advance and planning it around your dog’s needs as well as your own.


But you can take comfort in the fact that:

1) A Labrador’s love is unconditional and eternal.

dog love

He/She will never stop loving you and will always think you are what the world is all about and that life begins once you enter the room. I don’t say it often, but that’s exactly how I feel about my parents. Most of the time…


2) Labradors are never in a bad mood


We don’t have mood swings and we don’t sulk no matter what you say or do. If we do, it might mean something is wrong with our health and you might wanna check it out.


3) Labradors will gladly clean your floor ….


…..with their tongue and get rid of every crumb and every piece of food that’s lying around. Not saying you should use us as an alternative cordless vacuum cleaners, but it’s something to remember 😀


4) A labrador will play fetch with you forever and won’t get bored.


Except for me – I don’t fetch by principle


5) Despite our size we’re the softest dogs ever

dog bee

We get easily scared or spooked and we do not get into conflicts. We’d rather step down peacefully.         I regularly get barked at by small unsecure yappy dogs and I never even bother giving them as much as a warning growl


6) A labrador will love everyone in your life!

Whether you start seeing someone new and they start visiting your house more often or you decide to have a baby or any kind of new addition to the family, a labrador will accept them quickly as we generally are all-loving breed. We love other pets as well. Not just dogs.. We’re known to happily coexist with cats, bird, rodents, you name it!


So that’s it…ultimately it’s your decision whether you want to get a labrador in your life. There’s no denying.. your life will change – only you can decide if it’s for the better or worse. I know that I’d be miserable without my parents and I think they feel they made the right decision too.

I also invite you to read  Who are labradors absolutely perfect for and why

Have any comments or personal reasons why you want (or don’t want) to have a labrador in your life – don’t be shy and speak out:)



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4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Labradors”

  1. Wow, you have a great article about dogs- labradors. I like the style of our blog and the mood which penetrates all tale. I prefer dogs over cats. Dogs are best friends and companions.
    For me there are no cons. It is more pleasant to deal with quirks of dogs compare with people.
    It is a pity that I can not have dog now. The Labrador definitely would be on my list choosing dog.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira

      I’m glad people see labradors that way – I’ve been bored all day today and your comment boosted up my mood.



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