Shaun’s Least Fav Things In The World

Us, labs, are pretty much known for being well natured and for loving everyone and everything , but here’s my 5 exceptions from that rule.

1) My food bowl dog bowl

designed specifically to slow me down when I’m eating! The parents got it because it’s good for dogs to eat slower apparently!! How rude, right!? But apparently it’s good for a dog to eat slower and it does contain food on occassion so I’ve also put it in my List of Most Fav Things HERE. You can also buy a bowl like that on ebay HERE although I don’t know why you’d want to purposely make yourself eat slower!


2) Vacuum cleaners 

Too noisy for subtle labrador earlobes.


3) Mum’s hairdryer 

Too noisy as well and it gets me sometimes with its awful fire-spitting mouth


4) Figure of 8 lead  figure of 8 lead

Can’t talk about it again – too painful memory 🙁 – Look it up HERE if you want to read that story


5) Waste bins waste bin

They’re so scary when they’re being moved on their little vicious wheels!


Any comments welcome – do you agree, fellow doggies ? What scares or annoys YOU the most?


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