Shaun’s Most Fav Things In The World

I don’t even know where to begin! I love so many things that I’m sure I’ve left something out.

But I can always update later right? That’s the beauty of being The Blogrador!

Here we go then. My top stuff:

1) Food !  dog kibble

I only get Pedigree dry food (so called kibble), because any other foods we’ve tried gave my a bit of diarrhea . Don’t get me wrong.. I love ALL food in all the types and shapes, but apparently I have a sensitive stomach. As for me, I’m not bothered what consistency my poo is. My parents seem to care way more about that – maybe because they have to pick it up hahahaha.

2) My mum and dad

    They’re alright I guess. Whatever! Anyway that’s their cartoon versions you see

3) My cage 

It’s called a cage but it really is my room and noone else ever tries to enter, thank god! HERE on ebay you can see the cage I got. Remember that cage size for a grown labrador should be at least 42 inches. (you can read my story about my cage and why I need it HERE)


4) Old people old woman

Real fun to jump on almost knocking them down and then watch mum and dad’s embarassed apologetic faces.


5) My toy bone  dog toy bone

it’s good for teething, it smells like meat and I can play with it for hours. You can see it HERE on ebay. It seems to be quite high on my parents’ fav list too. They say it gives them some peace and quiet for hours because I’m not bothering them so much when I play with it, although I’m not sure what they mean by that. Surely I’m delightful to be around?


6) My blanket dog blanket

It’s fluffy, it gives me comfort and it’s a great shag as well. My parents buy me this one HERE  on ebay every month. They decided that since I will rip it soon enough anyway, it’s best to get me a cheap one so they can replace it often without spending too much.


7) Bitches

    You kinda have to love the bitches if you’re a young frustrated dog in his prime!


8) Dog TV

Ever tried watching it? It’s so addictive! I once tried to jump on TV!


9) Walkies

  you can read more about my walkies HERE


10) October Jones’ book – Text from dog

text from dog

Hillarious stuff. That dog is my hero! And the book’s so cheap and would be a great gift to any dog loving person as well. You can buy it for just 8 pounds on ebay HERE


11) My food bowl dog bowl

Because sometimes it contains food. Interestingly enough, it also appears on my list of the least fav things HERE – because it is a special bowl that slows me down when I eat – apparently it’s good for dogs digestive system or something. You can get a bowl like mine on ebay HERE. Anyway a bowl of food is still a bowl of food


12) My personalised name tag in case I get lost. dog name tag

It is shiny and unique, because every dog’s parents can decide what to have engraved. It is really cheap too and it can be priceless in finding a lost doggy. You can get one on ebay HERE for just 6.5 quid! The very thought I could get lost and never be returned to my parents simply because I can’t talk and the people who found me don’t know who my parents are just makes me sick! That’s why my tag has my name and adres on it and my mum’s phone numer. I highly recommend it to all dogs and their parents. Why risk?

13) Food !!!! – yes, I’m aware I’ve said it twice

By the way – Not that I’m hinting or anything, but it’s usually easiest and cheapest to get food in big bags, like 15 kg at least, especially with how quickly a big dog like me makes it disappear!



How about you guys? Any favourite stuff you’d like to share or recommend? Any comments welcome


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2 thoughts on “Shaun’s Most Fav Things In The World”

  1. Yes, Shaun, food is good. Did you mention naps? Naps are good too. I’m glad you like old people because I’m closer to being one.

    Shaun, I like dogs and cats. I don’t like cats more than dogs, so it’s not all bad. I share my home with 9 dogs and 21 cats.

    No, Shaun, just because I have more cats doesn’t mean I like cats better. By weight, I have more dog mass than cat mass.

    A hasty calculation reveals I have only about 113.39 pounds of cat and a whopping 147.23 pounds of dog. The black labs tip the scale handsomely in favor of dog tonnage.

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