The Furminator

Furminator is a deshedding tool for cats or dogs. It is basically a very thick and solid brush that combs out all loose and unnecessary hair out off the pet’s coat in their shedding times. Shedding can be a nightmare for our loved ones and everyone/everything around us.

We have been using it for few months and it did help a lot. I’m not going to lie – it doesn’t make shedding all glorious and nice to deal with, but it does help release some of that fluff in a controlled way. You can do it in your garden or somewhere easy to gather it and bin, rather than chase it around the house with the vacuum cleaner or a broom.

I’m a big boy and when I shed , I shed big time – and it can last even up to three months at one time. Twice a year as well! So in reality, I shed almost half of the time every year.
When it happens, it is magnificent. It’s like it’s snowing all the time! It looks cool and all, but humans don’t seem to share that opinion. Look how much can be taken off me in one go (about 5 minutes) :

If you share a house with a Labrador in the winter or summer time here is what you can expect:
YOU will be covered in lab hair
YOUR HOUSE will be covered in lab hair
YOUR FOOD AND CLOTHES will be covered in lab hair
All that you love and cherish will be covered in lab hair!

You will find it between the keys of your computer keyboard, between the pages of your favourite book and even in your underwear.

It applies to many other breeds, of course, but you know I am a self-centered creature so I usually focus on my own situation.

My parents moan every time they touch or pet me in those periods, because every time they do, there’s a big cloud of white fluff bursting into the air and slowly dropping on EVERYTHING.
Before we had the Furminator, mum would try to at least get the sofa tidy, but eventually would give up and just sit there covered in it and pretend it wasn’t there.
Dad gave up a long time ago and he doesn’t even bother getting rid of white hair off his clothes anymore.

I don’t like it either – it is hot enough having a double coat covering me at all times and I don’t like having the extra hair on me on top of that. I was pretty much ready for anything just to stop the folks moaning and crying about the mess; so now I graciously agree to be furminated few times a week. There are few types of Furminators – the one we use is for short haired large dogs. You can buy it on Amazon here:

My review: 8 out of 10 – it doesn’t hurt and I like the extra attention. Plus I sometimes get to swallow a massive ball of my own fluff when nobody’s watching.

My parents’ review: 6 out of 10 – because they say it does help control it and stay on top of things as well as decreases the amount of hair on the floor, sofa etc, but in the end, it doesn’t completely solve the situation. Then again – nothing ever will, unless they get rid of ME haha!



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