Boys Will Be Boys

I’m back from the break! Missed me?

OK so, in case you didn’t know – last week my mum was away and dad and I had the house to ourselves. It was great! We would hang out in the garden playing and running and he took me for many long walkies.

Then we would come back and hang out in the living room playing xbox and drinking beer. Well, technically he was actually DOING all those things; I was just watching him.

But watching someone drink is even more fun than drinking yourself.

How do I know?

Firstly – When dad went to the toilet I had a few good slurps from his pint glass and it’s really not that big of a deal as I thought it would be judging from the happy expression on dad’s face every time he opened a bottle.

Secondly – I like sitting next to dad and watching him getting more and more drunk and cursing at the xbox console as he looses – and from my observations, the more he drinks, the worse he plays, which means more cursing and more fun for me!

But I don’t like to see him suffer too long so when he got particularly bad, I gave him one of my master tilts and it seemed to have cheered him up.

Holidays are just awesome, aren’t they?

I spent most of that time just lying on the sofa like this:

You gotta admire the skills it took for me to take this selfie too!

But everything good has to end and so did my holiday – mum came back and she didn’t want to join the fun, so we had to clear out with the console and make room for labtop, which means that The Blogrador is back!


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2 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys”

  1. what a cute idea – a dog blog from a dog POV.

    If my cat had a blog, it would be 90% about dinner time, and how her monkeys aren’t as sensitive to it as they should be. 10% might be about how her monkeys interrupt her precious sleep and naps.

    Don’t you wish animals could speak our language? it would be so great to know what they think about, especially when they’re staring off into space or even watching TV with you.

    1. That is exactly why I started my blog – We do speak your language – well.. we understand it, but when I try to talk to humans, they don’t understand me! They can only hear barking so I stopped bothering. When I write though, they understand everything – how cool is that! Universal language of the Internet. I can finally speak my mind and I do have A LOT to say!


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