Dave The Hedgehog

I’m really sad today.
We just found out that Dave, the hedgehog that my parents and I tried to rescue over weekend had been put to sleep:(

We found him on the road next to our house on Saturday night, when I was going out for my last wee of the day (accompanied by my dad who always goes with me to make sure no perverts peek when I do my private business)
The hedgehog must had been slightly hit by a car or attacked by another animal; he was lying on the street and making crying noises. I felt so sorry for him. We got mum to come down and she took him to our garden, where she rested him under a cover of a T-shirt and gave him some of my food. (no one really checked if that was OK with me, but I forgive them as it really was a stressful situation) A bottle of warm water was also put close to him to keep him warm.

Dad named him Dave despite the fact we didn’t know its’ gender. That sort of thing would not come as a surprise to you, if you knew my dad – all I’ll say on the subject is that the two best plants in our house are called Suzie and Eric.

The next morning mum rang the local Hedgehog Rescue and they have been amazing – collected Dave really quickly and took him to the vets for an x-ray. Only today did we think to enquire about him as we assumed he was fine, but unfortunately it turned out that he had his front leg broken and it is apparently unrecoverable for hedgehogs in the wild:(

The lady said we still did a good thing – he would have died a slow painful death otherwise and apparently magpies also try to get the wounded or hurt hedgehogs.

So even though we are all sad today, we know we’ve done a good thing and we encourage all of you to always try to help when you see an animal in pain – they cannot speak for themselves and not all of them will have blogs to express their feelings, but they do HAVE feelings and one of them is pain.  If you found an animal in need, first google what are their immediate needs and food/temperature requirements in such a situation and then, when you’ve made it more comfortable, look around if there’s a local rescue or animal charity you can ring for help.

Rest in peace, Dave The Hedgehog,


Shaun The Housedog

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