Dog Proof Your Life

As most of you know, I have done some sweet damage in my days (you can read more about it HERE) and my parents have had no trust in me ever since those events and would put  me in the cage whenever they had to leave me alone in the house.

But I told you they’re soft and they’ll keep trying to change that, despite their bad memories of what I can do – and I was right.

As I am writing this, there’s a guy in our kitchen, tiling over the electric sockets that are within my reach and putting a massive board over any pipes and cables I might reach; or more like I HAVE REACHED before (sshhh!)

This is me observing the whole proces with all the scepticism and bitterness a young lab can muster and looking for any weak spots that I could use to break through those precautions in the near future.

dog watching

I’ll have to really think outside the box on this one as they have really thought of it all – no cable or pipe access whatsoever, no electricity in my reach and I heard them say that from now on all the bottom drawers and cabinets will be empty. Plus there’s a big fat lock on the detergent cabinet and tiles on the wall everywhere. This will be a tough one to crack, but I’ll keep thinking.

Any ideas… anyone?


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  1. Hi Shaun,

    I love your website and how hard you work to maintain it. Keep up the good work! I saved your site to my favorites. I’ll be waiting anxiously for your new posts.


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