Dog References In Human Culture

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately and ,I tell you, some of those human expressions about dogs make no sense to me at all:/ I have few follow-up questions:


1) Why do people call someone a son of a bitch when they clearly want to insult them? I am a son of a bitch and it doesn’t offend me one bit!. Am I missing something here?

2) And I’m wondering about doggy style… I dont think I have it.. should I be working on my doggy style? Or does it simply mean I should just be myself (aka a dog) going about my business, sleeping, chewing etc and that will be the doggy style?

3) Or why do the Beatles sing “It’s been a hard day’s night and I’ve been working like a dog“? I am a dog.  And I don’t work! What gives? What do they mean by that?  They must be talking rubbish! Or do other dogs have jobs I don’t know about? Does it mean other dogs have money to buy treats and take their bitches to expensive restaurants? I must look into it.

4) Or how about this – This is a real bad one!  it’s a dog’s life. I’ve noticed people use it to describe something negative so I’ve googled it. It says – a dog’s life means a miserable unhappy existence!

What is this?! Is this really how humans perceive dogs?
It’s truly depressing. That’s why we need more dogs with positive attitude like myself to change those medieval views! It really makes me wanna weep for humanity. I’m going to lie down and chew my favourite blanket until I fall into oblivion.


P.S Any comments welcome, especially if they are going to cheer me up!

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