Figure of Eight Lead

As I mentioned before I love my walkies!

But something has spoiled them for me lately.

The folks were discussing for months how I’m pulling and jumping at people and how they were embarrassed for me all the time, but I didn’t care. I mean, what could they possibly do to me? I’m strong, I’m packed like Johnny Bravo and I’m in my prime. Can’t touch this!

Boy was I wrong! One day the mysterious packet came to our doorstep. My mum opened it, showed it to dad and they both looked at me like a wolf looks at a little lamb.

My little labrador heart stopped for a second cause I knew that look. I started having this terrible feeling that something was gonna change forever… and it did.

They took out this weird looking lead. I have had (and destroyed) some leads before, but this one looked different. It looked ominous.

They played around my neck for some time before they figured out that was not really neck based lead like the previous ones.

They played a bit more and finally they’ve done so much mess that some weird loop shaped itself around my face and tightly wrapped itself around my poor nose.

I looked at them with pure disgust to show them what I thought of their bad skills and to motivate them to do better when they try next time, when I saw that they were pretty happy with the effect!

They stood there both nodding and smiling viciously. Surely it was not meant to stay like that!

And yet it did. (To this day I don’t know if it has been done correctly.)

They took me for a walk straight away. It was so weird! I couldn’t pull them where I wanted anymore. I heard mum say to dad that this was the best 12 quid she’d ever spent! O, treachery!

All I found out is that those things are called Figure of 8 Leads and are specifically designed to stop dogs from pulling. You can buy it on ebay HERE if you’re a human wanting to stop your doggy from pulling. If you’re a fellow dog however, don’t bother and be quiet about it, before your humans find out!

My review is 2 out of 10 (only gets 2 because it seemed to have increased the times my parents walk me)

My parents’ review is 9 out of 10 from the looks of their faces

I’m not happy! That must be animal rights abuse. To try to stop our natural urge to jump on people and pull our parents forcefully into the direction we choose?

I think I’ll call RSPCA… Or just cry.


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