I’m a Man At Last!

Last week I became a man and I have decided to share my happiness with you all. I would have written straight away, but I was busy reminiscing with my “hot shot” grin on like this:

Good things always come completely unexpected, don’t they?
I guess my mum must have seen how unhappy and lonely I was, because she has arranged something last minute and now…here I am singing Like a Virgin knowing full well that I’M NOT one anymore !!!:D

On that afternoon, mum brushed my coat thoroughly and brushed my teeth too. I never knew why until one hour later when this hairy goddess showed up at my doorstep. She was called Holly.

Like…Holly crap, she’s hot!

My knees literally started to tremble. Suddenly I got unusually shy, but trust me – it didn’t last long. Once I got a sniff of her scent, that was it.. What happened next, you can only guess, cause I’m a gentlabman and I don’t sniff and tell.

It was something the humans called slip mating – which means that even though I did my part relentlessly (and happily!) for over 40 minutes each visit (Oh yeah!) she wouldn’t lock me in so she might or might not be pregnant.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this – my parents seem to want her to get pregnant for some weird reasons (personally I think they need therapy), but I’m not sure if I’m ready for the responsibilities of fatherhood – I just fell in love and lost my virginity for dogs sake!

I wonder what Holly is doing right now….


Shaun The Stud

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