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Many of you will know that I’ve been naughty in the past and when my parents finally stopped caging me few weeks ago, they were really terrified that I might go back to my demolition habits.

I haven’t though and I’ll tell you why – they bought me a radio!

It is nice and vintage; it plays me music and talks to me all day long. It doesn’t lose patience with me or ask me to leave it alone. It doesn’t shut the door on me when it eats its’ dinner or shout at me when I’ve scratched some piece of furniture. In other words – it’s much better than my parents.

The reasons they bought me a radio are unknown to me, but I suspect it was to keep me occupied. Either they are devious geniuses or they must know me very well, cause I love it! I don’t even think about destroying stuff anymore – feels childish now when I think about my previous destructive accomplishments. It is so much better to just chill out to the music or listen to some silly conversations about nothing. Surprisingly entertaining!

Although I must say that mum was not impressed the other day when she came home from work and found me jumping up and down to “The Final Countdown”. Not to mention her reaction when she caught me listening to some soppy Lionel Ritchie’s song. She immediately grabbed her phone and texted dad – I’m sure that whatever she wrote was not particularly nice! How is that my fault? It’s not like I can stand on my back paws and change the radio channel with my front ones!

Even more annoying when sometimes I hear comments like “What is that dog listening to now!?” or “I’m afraid that dog has developped some bad music taste!” (I have noticed that every time they have something mean to say about me they refer to me as that dog rather than Shaun.)

The channels I listen to vary depending on who’s set the radio for me last. If it’s mum it usually is some 80s hits, while dad always puts sports on for me. If anyone bothered to ask ME what I wanted, they would find out that I’d prefer some hip-hop doggy music, but guess what – no one asked!


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