Tomorrow my mum is going away to visit my grandma abroad.

I wouldn’t mind essentially (I’m not a mama’s boy or anything!), but she IS my editor, which means I won’t be able to blog or even update anything for a full week!

I heard her ask dad if he would help me out with my website in her place, but he flatly refused saying he doesn’t believe in all that blog nonsense and dogs should not concern themselves with internet websites and posts.

He also said that he will be too busy drinking beer, watching football and playing xbox this whole time. (In case you are wondering – No, my dad is NOT a teenage boy)

Dad firmly believes that dogs should be seen not heard (or published) and it will do me some good to chew a bone (we’ll see) and maybe learn to fetch for a change (over my dead body! – as you can read HERE I don’t fetch – I do my own thing!)

Dad has always wanted a typical dog and ,between you and me,  I don’t think he likes the idea of a highly intelectual, self educated and well spoken canine using his computer and internet allowance.

As much as I disagree with dad’s assessment of a dog’s role in a modern society, I suppose a little vacation can’t kill me. I could catch up on sleeping and general resting from my highly exhausting life – all that staring in my labtop screen has been getting to me lately, and I’m scared it will make me really NEED the glasses that I’ve only been using for fun until now.

So here’s how I plan to be resting:

I’ll also use that time off to try my head tilting on dad and see if it works just as well as it does with mum. Will let you know how it went in a week.

In the meantime..

Shaun out!

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