Long Time No Sniff

I have been quiet for awhile so I thought I should let you all know how I am and what’s new with my life. There have been some good things and some bad things.

So lets start with the good things…

Firstly, I don’t have acne anymore. Took 3 weeks of intense special shampoo therapy applied to my general bottom area and underbelly, but I’m officially spot-free. And thank god if I may say so; Having your dad hold you down while your mom shampooes your genitals is really NOT the best memory a teenager can gain! Especially when you realise how thin the sponge separating your balls from your mother’s hands is.

Secondly, in September I have spent 10 glorious days in my favourite kennels, making new friends and having the time of my life. I got to run in the mud & rain all day long in the lovely temperature of 6 Celsius degrees, while my naïve parents got stuck in Greece sipping cocktails on a sunny beach – haha suckers!

Now to the bad stuff..

Lola is now pregnant with another man’s child – I heard mom say it to dad when they thought I wasn’t listening. But I WAS listening! 🙁 I saw Lola the other day as she was walking across the street still wonderfully thin and gorgeous. She looked at me as if she wanted to apologise, but I know it makes no difference as I cannot be seeing her now:(

Another bad thing is that mom does a lot of stuff on the Internet these days, which is directly responsible for the cut of MY Internet time. Honestly, she should get her own laptop instead of using this one (even though she did pay for this one) I live by this simple rule: once something has either been dropped on the floor or used by me once and I have not been told off for it – it is forever mine and I see it as such.

I should add that I need this blog – I find it therapeutical. It helps me gather my thoughts and I feel like I actually get to talk to someone about my doggy problems, even though sometimes it feels like there is no one on the other side. Sure the website gets comments, but they’re 99 percent spam comments of people who try to sell me a new blender, insure me for life or fix me up with a Russian bride, which is obviously no good to a dog! Doh!

Hope you’ve all been well,


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