Lovely Ladies

Hello everyone in this new happy year! I know, I know – I’m way late with the new year talk, but I was extremely busy hooking up with various ladies so I’m sure you understand how that had to take priority.

I hope you missed your favourite furry blogger

So the website has been transferred to another hosting provider again (special thanks to my granddad who made that happen), which means that Blogrador is still under the same www address and everything else is the same, but all my Facebook fans will not be able to access OLD posts directly from Facebook. All the posts are still accessible here on the website in case anyone wanna reminisce.

So back to my amazing sex life – I have really been getting around! I met all sorts of lovely bitches. There was Holly, as you probably remember from my November post. That didn’t work out so well – She became pregnant, but I think she wanted to raise it on her own, cause she stopped returning my phone calls and I got a bit depressed there for awhile…

But then came lovely Bonnie who made me wish I was called Clyde. Unfortunately, I think her parents brought her to me few days too late after her furtile days and we didn’t have a lock either. Not to mention she told me off and the whole neighbourhood could hear her bark at me so that put me in a slightly vulnerable place. Of course, I could still perform – I mean come on – we’re still talking about ME! But it wasn’t just the same between us afterwards.

And then jackpot! – there was sweet Binky. She was the woman that REALLY made me a man. Proper puppy love! I’ll always have a special place for her in my fluffy little heart. Here’s a picture taken by Binky’s mom – cover your eyes, kids, it’s slightly pornographic.

We’re all pretty much sure Binky’s now carrying my child (or I should rather say children) and it got to me – do I need to pay child support now? !!

OMG I cannot afford to be a dad.. I’m only young! My life’s just beginning. What am I going to do?

Oh wait…. no its OK. Mum just told me dogs don’t pay child support. Phew!!

Anyway, I’ll try to keep you posted on my newest love conquests. We have another girl coming next week – She’s called Baby.. you know like in Dirty Dancing.. Hhmm I’m positively gonna give her the time of her life !



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