Mud Bathing

This weekend we went to my favourite park for a run.

I’ve got a special skill that my parents are not too fond of – even if it hasn’t been raining for many days and the whole grass area in that massive park seems to be dry, I always manage to find a little bit of mud to get into and then stick my tongue out to show them I’m my own boss, in case they still doubt that somehow.

Why not anyway? Mud is good! There are at least four big reasons to do it:

1) It’s good for your skin. All spa retreats have mud masks or mud baths in their offers and they charge good money for it too! I get it for free and I will remain forever young if I treat myself to it, whenever I get the chance.

2) Humans will do anything to avoid a dirty dog runing straight at them, which gives me special powers. I feel like a young Thor when I charge around the park and everybody step away as I approach. That’s right – show some respect, humans!

3) It’s a good place for hanging out with the bitches – mud is so smooth and sexy!

4) Annoying the parents – that’s just a cherry on the cake.

After a mud bath I’m usually forced to get into the nearby river and then brutally dragged to a pub where my parents have a pint and wait for me to get dry. It needs to be said, that, while they drink their favourite beers, I only get a bowl of tasteless water, but I pay them back by always managing to hide a little bit of mud left on me and making sure it gets properly smeared on the sofa when we get back home!

They say that Karma is a bitch.

I’d like to meet her:)



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2 thoughts on “Mud Bathing”

    1. Hahaha I can’t believe it. I dream a girl up and it turns out she actually exists!
      She is hot too!
      Knowing my luck she would not give me a time of day though
      Plus I think she lives in Texas 🙁
      I’d be willing to try a long distance relationship, but seems to me that, when it comes to labrador dating, all humans are preocupied with is sex and making puppies so that wouldn’t work either:(
      But it is still inspiring to know that dreams do become real – thank you Pati.

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