My Name Is….!

  People are often surprised when my parents tell them my name is Shaun.

      I guess they want to hear that it is Fluffball or Pawster or Mr Cuddly and all that nonsense. Well it isn’t OK? And I do enjoy disappointing people’s cliche expectations.

happy mondays dog

        I was actually named after Shaun Ryder, the singer in my mum’s favourite band Happy Mondays.  Not a perfect role model for a young and easily corrupted puppy like myself, I can tell you!

I’ve done some reading and it turns out that Shaun Ryder did in his youth all those things that I am not allowed:

1) He did lots of drugs while dogs are not even allowed a painkiller as it makes them violently sick!

2) He stole expensive stuff like instruments and clothes, while I’m not even allowed a piece of dad’s chicken from his plate.

.3) He shouted and swore every other word while I get told off for one single bark in the postman’s direction

4) He killed pigeons for fun  – I found a dead pigeon once and brought it to my mum and dad – you can not imagine the screaming and disgust I had to listen to – not to mention that I really had to run for it and at the end I didn’t get to keep it. 

I wonder if Shaun Ryder ever had to put up with that kind of nonsense…I bet noone called HIM a bad dog either!

I want to join a band someday too. Bitches dig musicians! I am already thinking of some catchy names. Here are my choices:  The LabraDOORS…….The Rolling Shauns……Pet Shaun Boys …Dog Eat Dog

Oh wait… Looks like Dog Eat Dog is already taken… How weird! I thought I was being so original with my ideas:/


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