That’s The Power Of Paw

dog paw

Dad was in a grumpy mood this afternoon. He called me a moron and told me to move it when I was waiting for him in the doorway waving my tail   🙁 I think he might still be upset about what happened earlier:

In the morning he woke up in a great mood and started singing. He sang in the shower, then during breakfast and eventually he sat down on the sofa and started singing directly to me. I get really giddy when people sing to me, I can’t help it! Plus he was singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and it was so bad I just wanted it to stop.

So I jumped on the sofa next to him and I wacked him in the face with my paw, partially to invite him to play and partially to shut him up.
It was meant as a friendly tap, but landed on his face funnily as a proper slap that knocked his glasses off and left him red-faced and and holding his cheek.

That’ll teach him not to sing bad songs in a sophisticated company!
I’ve never seen mum laugh so much and for so long.



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