Sex, Labs And Videotape

So I had an unexpected sort of a date yesterday afternoon in my favourite park.

It started so innocent. I was running about in the field, minding my own business and ignoring my dad as usual.

Just as we were about to leave, this gorgeous girl showed up. A yellow labrador bitch, built like a goddess, I mean real fox! She looked ready and willing I swear! She was circling me slowly, pretending to be interested in her little tennis ball, but come on! I know the game and I know what bitches really want, when they pretend to ignore you.

So, being a man of very few words, I have taken action straight away and went for the butt. I’m not sure what exactly happened from then, it was a blur really. Here’s a short story in pictures:

Did I really misread the signals? She couldn’t have possibly not noticed how ridiculously attractive I was, right?

Anyway she ran away as soon as my nose approached her behind:( She even moaned something under her nose, and I could swear it was not the good kind of moan either!

Maybe she was underage? That would explain it, I guess, but still….

And you know what was the worst part of it ? My mum taking photos and filming the whole thing! You really cannot count on any kind of respect or privacy in this family! I am glad that my non existing sex life amuses SOMEONE!

I am really not happy about this!

What did I do wrong??



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2 thoughts on “Sex, Labs And Videotape”

  1. Very entertaining idea. A dog that can blog.

    Labradors are my favorite dog type and the white ones are best. I am so sorry you didn’t come right in the park with that female lab, but just think, then you wouldn’t have had anything entertaining to blog about. I am sure a lot of people will enjoy reading about your dilemma.

    1. Ha I’m sure THEY will enjoy while I am suffering the pains of adolescent frustrations. But you are right – pain only makes you a better writer, everyone knows that. the miserable make the best artists

      Thanks for your kind words


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