Shaun Loves Lola

I forgot to mention before that I have a gorgeous neighbour called Lola. She is a brown labrador bitch and she is a little older than me (but not enough to call it creepy!) Our parents know each other from work and  yesterday they’ve arranged to meet up for a labradate.

I got there all hopeful and over the moon, because I still remembered how beautiful Lola was and how invitingly she smelled last time I saw her.

At first I played it cool, pretended I wasn’t that desperate.

But we all know that I AM that desperate so I tried to approach her from the right…

..and then from the left…

And finally I made my move

As you can see, she couldn’t be less interested if I was a spot on her collar. All she was bothered about was that green ball in her mouth.

I have balls too! – they’re different colour, but they’re still balls! 🙁

Did you notice how long and hairy her legs are? Absolute perfection!

But she just wants to be friends:( What is a dog to do when they hear that terrible verdict – let’s be friends!

Well, I took her swimming instead. If I can’t have her, I can at least admire her behing from a close distance. Friends can come in all sorts of shapes – my friend has a lovely shape mwahahaha 😀

Shaun in love



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