The Beginnings

I thought I’d tell you about my first day in my present home as a little innocent puppy and show you how cute I was back then.

As we estabilished HERE, I was adopted by my human parents some time ago and lived with them ever since as their generally happy, but delightfully rebellious son.

I don’t actually remember my first day after adoption (or anything before it for that matter), but here’s how it happened, according to my parents.

When they brought me home, I was so scared, I hid in the corner and wouldn’t move for many hours.


Then they put my on the sofa to sit with them and I was even more terrified (I probably didn’t have a clue what those huge monsters wanted from me and imagination is always worse than the reality so…)

Anyway, probably because of all that fear, I got constipated and wouldn’t poo for the whole evening. As a result, I pooed a lot in my cage later on, when they were fast asleep upstairs. Then I howled, because I was forced to sit so close to the poo I just did. Then I stepped into the poo and howled some more. Eventually they got up at 5am (AT LAST!) and cleaned the whole mess up. They say I had never pooed in my cage after that. I’m not suprirised at all. I’m sure I’d much rather poo in THEIR bed instead, if I had the chance.

I was adorable though, right? Do you see that baby fat? That has now turned into pure muscle and sex appeal, I assure you.

I can’t help but notice how dopey I look on those old photos though. Do you think it’s possible my parents drugged me at the breeder’s house and simply kidnapped me straight from my poor biological mother’s womb?    I wouldn’t put it past them!



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