The Burbs

I’ve watched the movie called The Burbs with my parents last night and I’ll tell you something – I’ll never look at the neighbours the same way again!

I’m looking at a nice smiling 90 year old man from across the street taking the trash out, barely walking on his shaky legs and all I think about is that he’s probably carrying out dead puppies in that trash bag of his! Not to mention the thoughts that come to my mind, when I see the smoke coming out of their chimney!

I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight.

Btw keep your fingers crossed – mum is moving the Blogrador website to another hosting server this evening, so who knows what will come out of it – I am really sceptical. Hosting websites is a complicated business. She can’t even put her foot in her mouth and I’m supposed to trust her with my life’s work!

I just thought of something awful – What if she’s in cahoots with the murdering old man from across the steeet?!!! What if she’s not just trying to move my website, but also move my organs ?! And they’re going to sell them on the black market…or even eat them! And then burn my remains to fuel the central heating. She has been complaining about the house being cold lately!!!:(

I don’t think I like watching TV anymore:(



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