The Postman

I’m curious – Why do you always hear about dogs attacking the postmen, but you never hear about the postmen attacking dogs? Surely it happenes sometimes…

If dogs are as mean and horrible to postmen as everyone claims to be the case, why don’t the postmen fight back? I’m a bit sceptical about this whole “mean dog & poor postman” business.

My relationship with our postman is not violent at all, but it is definitely special. I’d call it love and hate relationship. The love part mostly from my end and the hate part – from his.

I don’t know his name, but I like to imagine it’s Pat. He gets to our street everyday around noon with his magnificent moustache and a bag full of exciting letters and packages. Sometimes he brings leaflets too, but I don’t hold it against him.

I want to greet him personally, every time he comes around and I want to show him that I am loads of fun. I bark loudly for him to hear me through the closed door, but that doesn’t seem to impress him much:(

In fact, it seems to make him leave our doorstep that much quicker!

What am I doing wrong here? I just want to get to know him better. He looks like an interesting man with an impeccable fashion sense – his red face matches the red Royal Mail uniform that he wears (coincidence? I think not!)

He must be a deeply traumatised individual to have lost his trust in dogs so completely. I wish he understood that my barking comes from a good place and I’m not going to hurt him.




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4 thoughts on “The Postman”

  1. Shaun, I am responding to a dog who deigned to be part of our family many years ago. He didn’t like the postman nor the paper boy. However he did love the man and boy when they didn’t wear their uniforms. In fact the paper boy was part of our family!

    So dear Shaun, you must try and overcome your uniform phobia. (Or petition to get uniforms banned!)

    Biao (ciao) to you, you lovely lab.

    1. Hi Helen.

      But I LOVE his uniform! It is so red and looks important! It is he who doesn’t want to be friends:( I don’t think he knows I wouldn’t hurt him. Maybe he was hurt in the past and has some dog trauma to overcome. I’d be happy to restore his faith in dogs if he would only let me!


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