The Tiltmaster Test

Ever noticed how much power a head tilt has? A dog can get away with murder just by looking at humans and tilting their head in a perfectly innocent way like he’s trying to understand what they’re saying or why they’re mad, but he simply cannot.

They say it’s because a dog wants to mimic humans and be more like them, but that’s rubbish, take it from me! We just know how to play humans.

I’ve realised about the tilt’s potential some time ago and I’m gonna start using it shamelessly to fit my personal needs. I already know I am pretty labradorable… Let’s see if I have enough charm to broaden my limits with this new trick. ….

I’m gonna tilt it like I mean it! Let’s see what happens..

heead tilting dog

So far , it’s been few days and I already got 15 awws and 9 kisses after a well performed tilt in carefully and strategically chosen circumstances. Not a big fan of kisses (mum tends to leave lipstick marks on my head!!) and all that girlie huggy nonsense, but I put up with them for the greater purpose – seems to make mum happy and when she’s happy she tends to be more generous. See? You’ve got to think of opportunities in life at all times!

      Awws on the other hand… them I don’t mind at all – they seem to express a big appreciation for my looks and behaviour and who doesn’t like to have their ego stroked?

So I’m going to start a life-long test on each thing that I do that I have a feeling that might be considered naughty.

Is tilting really that powerful? Let’s find out, shall we?

Feel free to post your own tilting experiences in the comments below, whether you’re a human or a dog.

Oh just one thing though – I’ve already found out that a tilt does not help you much when you’ve been sick on a sofa so just a fair warning to all the doggies that will read my post and decide to try that particular approach to test the Tiltmaster power – don’t bother.

….. or when you’ve chewed through a cable..That doesn’t seem to be any better with a tilt either.

….. or when you’ve smeared mum’s foundation all over the kitchen floor.

But still.. Lets keep testing!!



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4 thoughts on “The Tiltmaster Test”

  1. I found this so amusing because my dog does this all the time and literally gets away with so much ! I yell pointing at my chewed up remote control, he sits and tilts his head as though he’s desperately trying to understand what I’m mad about!

    Love your website its great for a few giggles!

    1. Hi Mel.

      Thanks for commenting. It’s great to know other dogs know about this little trick. And don’t think for a second he is TRYING to understand you – he understand very well why you’re mad, trust me:) He’s just good and knows his stuff! 😀


  2. This is hilarious. I always wondered on how my dog was able to manipulate my thoughts by tilting and being soo innocent. I would never have the heart to scold her after that. Now i know that it’s a dog thing throughout. I guess its the power of evolution after all. They have mingled with us to that extent. Intelligent babies they are. Love your dog. He’s adorable.

    1. Hi Veena
      I’m glad your dog does that too. It gives me the warm fluffy feeling to read all those stories about other dogs around the world mastering The Tilt. We’ve got the power!

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