Don’t you just love walkies? I do.  I can’t get enough of them. Labradors are meant to get a lot of exercise….at least an hour a day.

Sometimes when the weather is good, mum and dad take me to a special place – a huge park where dogs run freely and play.

dog in park

There’s so many different dogs out there. Some of them will play with you, others will ignore you acting like they’re better than you.

And some of them have no spine either, I tell you!

They’ll be fetching like there’s no tomorrow. No free will or original thought in their wooly heads. Poor soulless puppets. Their dads will throw and they’ll fetch and so on and on and on.. Yawn!

You wanna know what I do out there? I do whatever the hell I want that’s what!

My dad can throw anything he likes and I’ll still do my stuff. And when he calls me to get the ball or tries to recall me altogether, I make a special effort to look him in the eye from a distance so he knows I’ve acknowledged. And then I go the opposite way. Oh yeah, I’m a wild one!

I think dad would prefer if I was one of them obedient balls of fluff, but I’ve got something they don’t – it’s called personality! You should have adopted a purse dog, dad mwahahaha!

Not to mention that in your beloved game of football noone fetches the ball, they kick it further like I am trying to do. You don’t see dogs on football ground running around and trying to bring the ball back to the kicker, do you?

Anyways, you know the drill – I only come to you when there’s is something to be gained there for me. Trick or treat!


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