Who Are Labradors Just Perfect For ?

      If you ask yourself What is the best dog breed for me ?, the chances are that the answer is a labrador! Wanna bet? Let me prove to you, that – no matter who you are – you need a lab in your life.

We are simply the best dogs kids or grown-ups can dream of. Obviously I’m far from being objective what with me being a labrador myself, but still I’m gonna list some groups of people for you here, that I know for a fact could use a good company of one of my dog peers. Obviously I am the best specimen of a lab, but I cannot be everywhere at once and make EVERYONE happy, can I?

Here we go… Labradors are the perfect dogs for:

1) Single Men

Basically a labrador is a chick magnet and there aren’t many girls that can resist a single guy walking his labrador in the park, throwing a stick and talking to his dog friend like he’s his best mate. Girls eat that stuff right up! I mean, sure, technically it would work with any dog breed, but a labrador is just a perfect stereotype isn’t it? We have those floppy ears and dreamy eyes – no girl would ever resist unless her heart is made of stone – in that case run; the rest of her body might also be made of stone and you REALLY don’t want that!

2) Single Women

Who better to cuddle with on the sofa and come home to in a cold or boring day if not a big furry four legged sofa that will always listen and love you no matter what. Big enough to squeeze without hurting it and soft enough not to mind. Proceed with caution though – a girl with a labrador might end up deciding she doesn’t need a man in her life after all.

3) Couples Without Kids

When someone doesn’t want to have kids at all or perhaps wonders if they want to in the future, a labrador is a perfect replacement (or a trial/test) for them. Having a labrador puppy is just like having a baby, only it lasts shorter as it grows quicker. Labrador puppies constantly crave and need attention, poo and wee everywhere before they get trained and  will not let you sleep a lot at first. But the good news is that a grown dog is much easier to deal with and it is then certainly much less  responsible job then being a full time parent.

4) Couples With Kids

It’s been proven and said over and over that labradors are the best breed for kids – we love playing with kids and we see them as hairless fellow dogs without tails:) We will provide endless entertainment and friendship to any kid that wants to give us some attention. Labradors are especially helpful with raising a child with autism as the breed tends to be very emphatic and socially engaging in the best possible way. We can be very therapeutic in such cases.

Well, I think that pretty much covers it – we are perfect for EVERYONE! As long as you are a dog lover, it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, single or in a couple, kids or no kids – get a labrador and you will be happy for life!

Also please check my list of pros and cons for having a labrador HERE

Any comments? – write them below and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I get my labtop time back.



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2 thoughts on “Who Are Labradors Just Perfect For ?”

  1. I Love labs, they are funny, fun loving dogs that love to be active. you seem like a very well balanced dog.. your people must really love you.. I had rescued a friends lab.. he was a hot mess.. bought when he was just 6 weeks old he had no idea how to play with anyone (dog) only a ball… once I found a home for him with a lake (a big one) and a ball throwing mom… he is in 7th heaven now.. make sure you tell people how important it is for a big dog like you to get socialized and lots of exercise..and don’t forget to mention the labs that don’t have homes and are waiting in pounds and rescues! keep up the good work..!

    1. Hi Shelley
      That is absolutely awesome of you to have rescued a lab. And he’s done not bad for himself either – a house with a lake! I’m a little jealous – the closest thing to a lake I get is a bathtub on a dog-washing day. But seriously you are so right – labradors in trouble need to be helped – we are loving and caring creatures and we will bring all the good and fun stuff to the life of a human that decides to adopt us or help us in any way. That’s a promise!

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